zaterdag 17 maart 2012

Film aanrader

Deze week zag ik in de bioscoop de film ‘The Iron Lady’. Ik kan me vinden in de onderstaande kritiek uit The Guardian, maar desondanks vond ik het toch een mooie, ontroerende film... 

Nothing is examined or analysed, little is illuminated in any revealing way, and because everything is seen from her distorted perspective there is no countervailing moral, political, historical force or argument. But what we do have is a study of the process of ageing, fading powers, doubt, disappointment and loss that will come to most of us if we stay the course, and a stunning performance from Meryl Streep to set alongside her Isak Dinesen and Julia Child. Breathtaking in its detail and nuance, its subtle gestures and inflections, this multifaceted jewel of a portrait is altogether grander than the commonplace setting of the film.

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